In two days time I will be sitting on a flight back to England after spending 6 months away from home, travelling around the world, across varying landscapes, through enormous cities and strikingly empty beaches, from freezing my arse off waiting for sunrise at The Grand Canyon to sweating my tits off watching the sun set over Bangkok. This is ludicrous.

Three years ago I was making frothy coffees for the weird and wonderful in Brighton, not really considering that life held much in the way of an exciting future for me, content to drift along enjoying hanging out with friends and living by the sea.

Then I met Lovisa and all of a sudden life was golden.

Without resorting to a revolting, awkward and unnecessary public display of affection (she is right next to me, asleep. If I really wanted to I could wake her up and display my affection right now in the sanctity of our hotel room. Written down that comes across a bit perverted and innuendo-y. I assure you that ‘my affection’ is not a euphemism for anything), I’d just like to point out that it was my really brilliant girlfriend who told me that it could be fun to go and see the world, instead of working at Nando’s for the rest of my life, and because of her beautiful little mind I am the happiest person in the world right now.

And it might not seem like much when you consider that your girlfriend is rubbish compared to mine and I continue to draw attention to it, but at least you get to share in my happiness through my mediocre blog. Everyone’s a winner baby.