As much as me and Lovisa enjoyed taking the bus with the weird (by weird I mean completely insane) and wonderful (and by wonderful I mean completely charmless and definitely not wonderful) folks of the south eastern states, to do the meat of the America sandwich, we decided to treat ourselves to a car.

We got given a fancy ass Dodge thing by the rental car guy, loaded her up and set sail towards the west.

After a night in a decidedly no frills motel in Tallahassee, we arrived at our first stop; bloody lovely New Orleans.

I didn’t really know much about New Orleans before we got there, but for some reason I had convinced Lovisa that I was super keen to go there and was therefore delighted that it turned out to be an incredibly beautiful and interesting city.

There are of course enormous areas that were devastated by Hurricane Katrina and a great deal of the city is still in need of cleaning up, seven years on. It’s a shit and sorry state of affairs and someone in government is clearly doing a horrible job of budgeting the rebuilding process because a city of this size, history and importance deserves much better.

But let us not dwell on the sadness of the place, and instead let’s talk about how the really good bits somehow managed to avoid all the terribleness. The French Quarter is pretty, has amazing street music and excellent restaurants.

The buildings aren’t French at all, the Spanish rebuilt this part of town when it burned down in the 18th century (New Orleans gets its fair share of the shit that happens when people say shit happens, right?). Whoever made them, they did a lovely job. If you want a tour of them, you can go by donkey and cart.

A donkey won’t take you out to the next neighbourhood, Merigny, which is a shame because its mental and well good. Look at the local cafĂ©/guesthouse/laundrette.

That really is a laundrette.