The Grand Canyon is big. Anyone that has been there will you tell you that, and that it is so big that no pictures can do it justice and that it doesn’t matter how big you think it is going to be, it will always be bigger when you get there and it will take your breath away and blah, blah, blah. Basically, people give this place a build up almost as big as they want you to believe it is and so it would take a pretty remarkable feat of physical enormousness for it not to be a massive let down (but not that massive! Get it?!!)

So thank goodness it’s so bloody big then.

Here, the peak in the middle with the Rice Krispie-ish looking rock on the top is over 5 miles away.

To give a sense of perspective, you could fit all of the London Underground’s zone 1 in between where I stood, and that point which is only about halfway across the whole canyon.

So it’s big.

Which is good because you can pull heart attack inducing stunts like pretending to hang off the edge of a 1000 metre sheer drop.

Also, if a child drops a toy there is a really small chance that he or she will ever find it again, meaning there is a much better chance that we could stumble upon it and take pictures of it.


If you want to see more pictures and learn some Swedish while you’re at it, Lovisa did a blog post with lots more on it because she isn’t lazy like me. It’s here and it’s lovely.