Philadelphia, for much of my life, has been something delicious and creamy to spread on a toasted bagel. On Wednesday it became the second city of our enormous holiday. We arrived early in the afternoon, and after finding our charming little bed and breakfast, went out on an adventure. I didn’t know much about the city before we arrived but I did know that there existed such a thing as a Philly Cheese Steak, and I was not about to not eat something called that.

It turned out to be pretty much exactly the same as a steak and cheese sandwich from Subway. Which shouldn’t have taken too much figuring out from the name.

The downtown area in Philly is pleasingly small and can easily be covered on foot. There is a lot of street art around which gives the place a very bohemian feel, and generally speaking I was surprised by how European it seemed compared to what you might expect from an American city. It even had a Jack Wills, presumably staffed by pyjama and Ugg-wearing English public school girls on their gap years.


That’s just how the houses look in Philadelphia. Fancy.

To round off our afternoon of exploration, we paid a tramp $3 to take a picture of us in front of the Love sculpture and then went back to our lovely B&B hostess.