Good morning blog fans. It’s been a while, but rest assured we’ve been busy doing things, sitting on buses, dodging hurricanes and more. Let me take you back 10 days or so…

Spend three hours on the bus due south west from Philadelphia and you get to Washington DC, the capital of the USA. We didn’t have long there and honestly, I don’t think we needed it. We had enough time to stroll around the area from The Capitol to The Lincoln Memorial, saw a few sites, tried to peek through the curtains at the Obamas’ house and then went back to our hotel. Perhaps if you had a couple of days and were more interested in US history, one could spend a few hours in the various museums that line the streets here and may or may not be worth seeing. We only had a little bit of daylight left though so we took some pictures at the George Washington Monument and got out of there.

Lovisa didn’t think much of it. I bloody loved it!